Corporate Drop Off Catering Throughout Greater Cleveland

Cleveland  /  SINCE  2005



Feed Me! Catering is a corporate caterer only providing a drop off service throughout most of greater Cleveland.

Since 2005, we have offered from what we have been told by many of our customers great service and delicious food!

We do this by utilizing professionally trained chefs and the freshest ingredients.

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Salad Platter

Myself, my boss and office were very impressed by your spread today. You can count on receiving more business from me in the near future. Like I had said I have numerous events in October (and possibly a few more this month even now) so you can definitely look forward to more business from us! Thanks a bunch! Everything was fantastic!

---Faith, Pharmaceutical Representative

Everything was very good. I will definitely be passing your info around the company.

---Lilia, Avtron

"Looking for Weekly Prepared Healthy Meals? Try Feed Me's Affiliate!"